Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Momentum 94.7 (96.5Km's) Cycle Challenge

I thought I had worked and trained hard for this day but at the end of the day not hard enough!! I came up short. The hopes of a 05:30:00 finish was not to be and a finish in the end did not happen at all. Not long into the start and the people we were cycling with had shot forward - Sandi and I had agreed we would cycle our own race should this happen. We knew their pace was just too much for us and later on our pace was going to prove not enough. We never walked - this I am very proud of. We got up each and every hill but the N14 (highway) with it's rolling hills was proving to be too much. By the last hill on this stretch my back was aching and my arms had had enough - surprisingly my legs could have taken more. Early in the race I had lost all my energy goos/gels as well as my cell phone. I was more upset about my gels - losing them that early in the race had me worried. Luckily I had a couple extra in my water pack on my back.
Batch MM just before the start
Me, and other cyclists riding for the Sunflower Fund - Alex Jay from Highveld radio had just acknowledged the Sunflowers as we were heading over the start line.
Another DNF to my name - in the arms of the man I love
In hindsight riding a new bike and only having less than 10 days to aquaint myself with my new road bike was probably not the best idea but I'm still glad I did. Losing more weight has now become TOP focus again. I'm proud to say that the month leading up to this race I lost another 3.9 kg's. I am now sitting at 90.2 kg's (198.85 lbs) - a total loss of 14.2 kg's (31.30 Lbs). I will be returning to my regular gym programming and focusing on some of my weaker points. These being my lower and upper back, hands as well as my arms. I will keep training at the Kyalami Race track (safest place to cycle) and when I feel I can keep up with a Club Ride I'll join them on Sunday mornings. The next cycle race I'll be taking part in will be at the end of Jan 2010 - this will be my 3rd attempt at a longer race - 103 km's.

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Hanlie said...

It may be a DNF, but you're still my hero! Well done, girl!