Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'that' time of the month

Ahhhh, when the moods swing from one end of the pendulum to the other...when nothing and just everything annoys the *&^$# me. Feeling puffy, wuffy and fluffy with the energy of a slug!!
Yesterday was the first day on the bike since Sunday's race and OMG!! I had the will but not the energy = frustration. My legs should have been up for the challenge, they were well rested. After two laps I decided that was enough - no use pushing myself. Got home and FINALLY, Aunt Flo made an appearance. I feel 'human' again!! Energy levels are back up and that puffy feeling has gone.
We won't talk about the quantus amounts of chocolate I ate leading up to this visit. Yikes, I couldn't get enough. Thankfully with the arrival the craving disappears, now for damage control.
I'm hoping to get back to the track this afternoon but the weather might have other plans. I've booked a Spinning session for hubby and me tomorrow morning as it is a Public Holiday. If I cannot train outdoors then I need to move it indoors. I'm very thankful for that option.
So with Aunt Flo and the weather - this week is throwing challenges at me galore. I'm overcoming them. What or have been your challenges this week?


Connie Weiss said...

TOM is a jerk. Always messing things up...just when I've got momentum.

Evening Primrose Oil!

Hanlie said...

I had two splash-out meals (one for the anniversary and the other for a family gathering) and I am WIPED out today... Just pouring green smoothies down my throat and hoping that we get a pulse soon.

Glad the nasties are over for you!