Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some things are not 'invincible'

We had an early start and got to the start line with time to spare. Shooooo!! Here I am already to go. The field was much bigger than I thought it would be so I was one happy camper.
There was a lot of early morning mist which added to the ambiance of the day. :-))
Cyclists waiting for their turn to go. We were being let of in groups. Mine was the last to go.
Today was going to be a day of firsts!! At the water point which was at around 20km. I fell while I was standing still. Yep, don't ask me how I did that - I did!! One second I was up and the next I was on the ground. Luckily I was wearing gloves. The worst was trying to get myself unclipped from the left pedal. Eish!! Talk about embarrassing.
I managed to get up while blushing madly and assuring everyone I was fine - really fine. Hardly a scratch. Dusted the dirt off and was good to go. Nearly wiped out the 'Bride to be' - what a way to have your bridal shower and got back on the road. Just around the bend and as I was crossing the bridge - something sounded wrong, something felt wrong. Praying to the 'heaven's above' was clearly not helping. I unclipped, stopped, got off and **sigh** and a few other choice words found the problem. I had a flat!! Now this is my problem, I have tyre levers and puncture patches but *uhhhhm* no pump...WTF...(this is when I curse hubby dearly as he professed I would never need a pump - I had a magic strip in my tyres which was practically a guarantee of 'no punctures' in his book)...Yeah, right!! I don't have a spare tube either ...please note that I have begged and pleaded to get one but hey...I have that magic strip - RIGHT!!!
Luckily I had my cell phone on me - this gave me the perfect opportunity to blast 'dear hubby' and proclaim that on this same day we WOULD be buying spare tubes and a pump and whatever else was needed.
I was fortunate to have one gentleman stop to help me who was dumbfounded that I did not
a) have a spare tube and
b) not have a pump
but I had patches and tyre levers - YES - go figure!!
He helped me get the wheel off and the tube out but his pump did not work on my tube. Graciously thanked him for his help and sent him on his way.
This time I phone hubby and yell at him - my race is over....but hang on.
Two lovely young Afrikaans boys taking part - STOP - and immediately begin to try and help. They must have been about 10 yo - 14 yo. Their pump works, we find the puncture, put on a patch and get it all back in and then the valve goes.....thank them profusely, assure them that hubby should be arriving shortly and face the fact that the race for me is REALLY over!!
Hubby arrives and tries the bigger better pump and the valve has definitely gone. Oh well!! Pack it up and head home!!
The Good!!
I road 20.7km's in 50 minutes. I was definitely heading for a 01h30min finish. I was doing my best pace ever and was feeling great!!
At the end of the day:
1. I can now change my own tyre
2. I have a pump on my bike
3. I have spare tubes
4. I also have C02 canisters and the fitting
5. I SURVIVED my first fall
6. When arriving at my fave cycling shop (Solomon's in Woodmead - The BEST service EVER!! ) I could laugh at myself.
Some lessons are only learned the HARD way!!
Let's see what's in store for tomorrow. I'll keep you in suspense.


Dawn said...

Wow, you had an adventure. Why do husbands think they know

Hanlie said...

I'm sorry you had to abandon the race! But I learned from Jayne Williams that these things happen, so well done for learning a few new skills in the process. And that shirt looks great on you!

I left you a reward on my blog...

MB said...

Congrats on getting out to the race. I'm sorry you didn't get to finish but you learned some lessons and were able to prove hubby wrong - that's always good.