Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Missouri 60 Challenge - My Results

Now : 1 September 2009
92 kg's (202.4 lbs)
Life Changes = H*U*G*E
23 June 2009 - 31 Aug 2009
Fat %
Tricep : 30 - 30
Bicep : 24 - 21
Scapular : 38 - 33
Waist : 35 - 35
Chest : 118cm - 114 cm
Upper Arm : 34cm - 32.3cm
Waist : 104 cm - 103 cm
Hips : 124.5cm - 122 cm
Thigh : 68cm - 63 cm
93.6 Kg's (205.92 pounds)
As you can see there was no MAJOR loss in the scale deparment!! I lost quite a few cm's which I am very HAPPY about, reassuring me that all my gym sessions and newest passion : cycling is not for nothing.
Today is S*P*R*I*N*G day here!! And boy, were we blessed with the most gorgeous, stunning warm day.
This challenge has brought about BIG changes:
* I am living healthy and making healthier choices.
* I L*O*S*T weight during winter. To date I have lost 16.4 Kg's (36.1 lbs) Woohoo!!
* I was more motivated than ever to get my bike and the universe provided.
* I am addicted to cycling.
* I took part in my first cycle fun ride (12 km's) and I wanted more.
* I signed up for the BIG one and paid the registration fee (no turning back) - the 94.7 km Cycle Challenge - Joburg's Toughest Race
* I signed up for 2 smaller rides, a 44 km and 33 km (both happening towards the end of September)
* There are still bad days but they do NOT set me back - I bounce back quicker!!
* I L*O*V*E green smoothies - especially first thing in the morning - they just make the day better. Give it a try!!
But the biggest thing to happen during these 60 days is the realisation that :
My bathroom scale does not D*E*F*I*N*E me!!
I am feeling great, I am losing weight - clothing does not L*I*E.....the scale does not tell the whole story!!
I'm looking forward to another 60 days.....I cannot weight to see those results :-))
Keep at it everyone....


Hanlie said...

Oh crap, I haven't taken my pictures yet... Will do so this coming weekend.

You have definitely changes! Well done! I like that the lifestyle changes are more important to your than the number on the scale - that is how it should be.

Connie Weiss said...

Great job! I am soooo proud of you!

Kristin Pizzi said...

WOW! Congratulations, you are looking great!!!

Tricia said...

Great job. It's so nice to see clothes starting to fit better! And you are SOOO right... the scale doesn't tell the whole story!

Keep it up!