Monday, June 8, 2009

Weight Watchers : Week 18 and we're down, down, down.......

I finally reached my first goal. It took longer than I had hoped it would but I finally achieved it and moved beyond it. Now to the next short-term goal.
I am impressed with myself that I have stuck with WW's for so long and it is now becoming a way of life. By now I have usually fallen off the wagon. I know this time around that something just clicked in this head of mine and there is a REAL determination to do better but not just for the short term but for life. It is very hard to see it as a diet but more as a way of life. This is how it should be.
As you know, I recently started Spinning classes at the gym and now I'm most certainley addicted, so much so, that I have decided to add another class to my weekly gym schedule. I now I have 3 Personal Training sessions a week, 2 Spinning sessions and 1 Zumba session. I have taken a short break from Pilates and will start this up again soon. Yoga is on hold for a bit longer.
I have also been trying out the Wii Personal Trainer and hopefully in the next week or so I'll give you a full report back BUT for now I will say this nothing beats April (my Personal Trainer).
Something else that has been on my mind is cycling. Hopefully in the next few months I will finally be able to purchase the bike I have my eyes on. In November it is the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and I'm thinking of going the whole hog on this and doing the big race. Ant says he is behind me 100% in whatever I decide but his concerns are my concerns and I can only hope I can work around them. The one big one is training alone for being the biggy!!
Have a super week. Stick to those goals.

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