Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a constant battle....

Me :  May 2009
Me : December 2008
.......and I know it is not going as fast as I had hoped but I'm hanging in there.  Some days it feels like two steps forward then a step backwards but I'm in persevere mode.  Is there a difference - I can only hope so.  Since I started this journey somewhere in February I have only lost about 8 Kg's (17.6 Lbs) - there is a need to push this journey into overdrive.  I'll be honest the past few weekends have not been easy diet wise and I know I did not make the best choices but I chose to deal with the consequences and that was that in no way was the scale going to be kind to my misgivings.  I'm hoping the social calendar is returning to back to just hanging out home with the family.
This weekend we were able to upgrade Ant's Cellular phone which meant we were looking for the best deals possible.  We managed to get an upgrade with a Wii.  Yeah, you read right.  We got a Nintendo Wii and we have had fun since we connected it up.  We just have the Sports games but we all get involved and I'm not quite sure when we have laughed so much together as a family.  We got off our butts and had some fun.  I'll say this the boxing is a killer.  LOL   So I now have the EA Active Personal Trainer game calling my name (has anybody got it and what do you think??), I see that in October they are also releasing 'The Biggest Loser' game as well.  I seriousley hope we can get it in South Africa.  Wonder if the boys will let me have some play time.  LOL
I have this goal to do the 94.7 10km Moutain Bike race/challenge in November.  What is scary is last I dreamt that I had decided to do the big one.  The road race which is approximately 94.7 km's.  Not sure I'd ever be ready for that, who knows??  In my dream I wasn't quite prepared - well I was, the bike wasn't.  I had dodgy breaks - Ant hadn't adjusted them as promised the night before, I didn't have a puncture kit or pump in case of flats.......LOL  Just where was this dream going??  To top it all off I was in the last group to be set off on this race and getting to the halfway cut was going to be close time wise....OMG!!!  Why this dream.... ???
Have a super weekend everyone!!

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