Sunday, May 24, 2009


Looking back on this week, I'll tell you this much -  I'll be quite happy if I don't have to repeat it.  It started on Wednesday when the City Power decided to cut our power/electricity!!  I was fuming and there was nothing I could - our Landlord had not sorted out an issue with the prior tenant and we were now going to pay for that - not pay as in cash but in the effects of not having power for 4 days and 3 nights.  The Landlord sorted out the account pretty promptly but it then took City Power forever to reconnect us.  We only got our electricity back yesterday morning.
I also did not achieve the goal had set for myself in weight loss.  I picked up 0.2kg's instead of losing the 1.8kg's I had set for myself.  To say I was crushed is an understatement.  The battle with scale continues to rage on and some days can be very trying.  With the trauma over the weigh-in hanging over me I decided to go and hunt for some warmer pants for the cooler days.  I was either going to end up more frustrated or end up pleasantly surprised.  Thankfully I ended up presently surprised when I realised that not only could I fit into a size 18 at Woolies (my fave store, although on the more pricey side) but I could fit into a size 18 house brand at one of our retailers.  I was literally jumping for joy!!  I think my boys thought I was nutz....LOL  At Pick n' Pay, I managed to get pants and matching top for less than what a pair of pants at Woolies would have cost me.    
Yesterday we took ourselves off to the local Spur to watch my rugby team who were in the semi-finals.  I support the Blue Bulls , hubby supports the Stormers (W. Cape) and majority of my family support The Sharks (Natal team).  I am the odd man out but that is okay.  We had fun - and I ended up giving half my burger to hubby as my tummy said 'no more'.  LOL  
I am trying to get myself to sit in front of the torch!!  It was one of those things which I guess I'll just have to do.  LOL
Have a super week everyone.  Keep strong.

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rosebud101 said...

There are always setbacks! Hang in there. You are doing just fine!