Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Believe that you can!!

I was catching up on one of the blogs I follow and it resonated with me this morning.  I know one of my biggest obstacles is believing that I can.  I have told myself for so long that I can't and I have to work hard everyday to change that.
Tara on The Biggest Loser said this "Going through this challenge I just kept on saying 'You can do this, you have it within you, you need to be uncomfortable to grow.'; and I forged ahead and every single week, it started getting easier."
Yesterday while training with April, we were working on my core.  I needed to hold a certain position for as long as I could.  The first time, I managed 12 seconds (bad), I then gritted my teeth and managed 30 seconds (still not great) - after declaring that my abdominals were clearly feeling unloved...LOL.  I beared down and did it again and survived another 42 seconds.  Not sure if that had more to do with the cute guy stretching next to me, who smiled at me when I made my abs comment and not wanting to look like a complete idiot.  (grin)  Now I'm worried about April running around the gym looking for a cute guy as motivation......LOL  What I did find during this is that you need to keep feeding yourself positive thoughts, the more I could tell myself that 'yes, I can do this', the longer I could hold on.
Breathing, focus and positive thinking are all needed.  Breathing properly helps with the pain...seriousley it does.  I'm learning to really push my breath out and control my is so important and really does help with those painful/uncomfortable moments.
I know I need to push myself more, to not give-up and to embrace the pain.  No pain, no gain - right!!
'You can do this, you have it within you, you need to be uncomfortable to grow.'
When I am training and it hurts - I will remember this!!!
Keep strong..........

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No pain. No gain!