Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living it...or should that be loving it...

I am heading to my third week of Weigh Less and I happy to report another 1 kg down.  Woohooo!! 

The new plans offer such a variety that I try and spend more time trying to fit in the yummy meals more than worrying about what to eat.  This is a good thing as lunches have been my downfall.  From toasted wholewheat/brown pita with feta, onion and tomato to wholewheat wraps with lean bacon, avo and other salad goods.  Good stuff.  I'm still however avoiding those cans of tuna - what's with that.  hehehehehe  I just cannot seem to swallow tuna lately.

So right now I am living the Weigh Less way and loving it.  It is giving me ideas - I probably would have never of thought of these meals for lunch.  It has taken the boring and mundane and made it interesting.  Some days may not be a 100% but when I stray - I enjoy the moment for what it is and savour it.  Like on Saturday when I enjoyed the Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks or that half a cup cake today.

But now I worry...

For the past two weeks I've dropped the 1kg a week but from tomorrow I throw cycling into the mix.  Last year when I started cycling the weight loss came to a practical grinding halt - I'm hoping that between Weigh Less + Eat Smart for Sport by Liesbet Delport that this time I'll keep everything on track so to speak.  My aim is to be 10 kg's down by the next 94.7 - and so far we're 2 kg's down.  8 to go.  By keeping focus, the cheats to a minimum - I know that I can do this.  


Connie W said...

I feel like I desperately need some new meal ideas. I'm resorting to too many carbs out of boredom.

Have a great week!

M Pax said...

Mmmm, lunch sounds yummy.

Is it because you eat more when cycling? I think that would be natural. A matter of better choices perhaps. Muscles hold onto fluid when strained, too. So, expect that especially the first week.