Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book review : Women Food and God by Geneen Roth

It would be that very important 'A-HA' moment that I had while reading Chapter 10, which is the very reason I am struggling to write this book review.  It's that DARNED VOICE!!  I'm working on it and all I can tell you (the rest of the world) and hubby is that, well, Rome was not built in a day - okay.   I'm scared (insert you know what here) that I'll do the book an injustice by reviewing it. 

Women Food and God is incredible.  You know when you sort of know things but it takes reading a book to really 'know' these things.  Well that is how WFG was for me. 

I can now understand my relationship with food, I can see how I use/d food in moments to numb certain 'feelings' that I just don't want to feel.    I can now accept that YES..I do binge.  Not everyday, not every week but I have my moments.  I also believe that I now have the best tool in my bookshelf to help me heal.  WFG has become a constant companion and can be found in the kitchen, in the lounge and next to the bed.  

I can see me struggling with the eating guidelines just as Diana is.  Visit and read about Diana's WFG experience here so-hows-that-working-out-for-you-diana 

After a major flop and trying out one of the newest Fad diets in South Africa - The Tony Ferguson Diet from Australia and sort of taking 20 zillion steps backwards from achieving so much in the past year and a half - I am once again reteaching myself about living healthy and eating healthier.  These low carb/low cal diets are really not worth it. 

from the book...

"Diets are the outpicturing of your belief that you have to atone for being yourself to be worthy of exisiting."

and further on....

"It will make sense to you that hatred leads to love and that torture leads to peace because you will be operating on the conviction that you must starve or deprive or punish the badness out of you."

Even after reading WFG and agreeing with it and believing it can help me - I still believe I need direction in my quest to eat cleaner and healthier.  What we put in our bodies at the end of the day MATTERS!!  I am considering continuing with my Weigh Less journey.  Whether I will work out my own programme or sign-up has yet to be decided. 

You can also read what Connie has to say about WFG here book-review-women-food-and-god
It was Connie's post that actually inspired me to read WFG.  Connie has taken it a step further and is doing the 15 week programme women-food-and-god-15-week-program  I still need to start this and you can find more info here 15 week programme (the link can be found on this page).

There is also a online retreat : selfguided online retreat  I would love to do this but with living in South Africa, even $147 is just out of reach at the moment.  One day!!

"Stephen Levine, a Buddhist teacher, says that hell is wanting to be somewhere different from where you are. Being one place and wanting to be somewhere else. Being constantly agitated - another word for nonaccepting - about the inevitable. Being in a relationship with someone and refusing to surrender to the love because you don't want to give yourself to something you will eventually lose."

I may not be following Geneen's ideals to the T but I honestly believe this book can make a difference in my life especially the way I treat myself and my relationship with food. I have created my own hell and I'm working to find my way back to the real me and hopefully heaven. 



M Pax said...

I enjoyed reading your review and am happy you found some aha moments.

It is when I made peace with myself and learned to love all versions of myself that I had the most success.

I follow no plan. I eat healthy food in moderation. I exercise in moderation. But I do both consistently. The best part was when I started doing so because I want to not because I have to. I continue to want to.

Am I the skinniest minny? No. But I am at a healthy weight and I've maintained it for 2+years. I did so by making permanent changes I can live with. It changed my life. I don't think I've been the same size for so long ever in my adult life.

Connie W said...

I'm so glad you read the book! I need to get back to the questions (I'm behind a week with moving and all)

I think the key for me...has been to be completely honest with myself about why I was eating and hurting myself.

The simple questions of...Am I Really Hungry...has helped so much. Plus, when you address the reason for your bad habits, it can take it's power away.