Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summary for the week

* Monday : Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track (Training)
* Tuesday : Personal Training (1 hour)
* Wednesday : Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track (Training) 4 laps - Woohoo
* Thursday : Cycling at the Kyalami Race Track (Training)another 4 laps..WooHoooo!!
* Friday : Yoga (active rest day)
* Saturday : Spinning (1 hour 45 min) + Personal Training (1 hour 40 min)
* Sunday : Squash (active rest day)
I had a great week - just the one energy crash on Tuesday. I added more carbs + protein (red meat (2 meals)). The bonus is that I felt better mentally and physically, as for the weight loss I'm not sure of the effects of this just yet. I am seeing a Dietician who specialises in Sports Nutrition at the end of the month and will hopefully be able to tackle this battle on more than just one front.
As for the cycling there was a slight improvement in my pace and I managed 4 laps at the Kyalami Race Track which is about 17.5 km's (10.87 miles) on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. In both instances I burnt over 700 calories at each session.
Yoga was great and the focus was on our hamstrings - they of course let me know all about it this morning. I was like WTH - you should be happy and not complaining. LOL
Spinning this morning was fabulous. We (hubby and me) took the later class which is slightly shorter time wise than the one we usually do. I had loads more energy and really enjoyed the class. The earlier one hour class usually means we're chasing our tails to get there, feeling harassed and stressed with 2 boys in tow - never a great feeling. It also meant we didn't need to beg the kids club to let the boys in 15 - 20 minutes before they officially open for the day.
Sunday's squash session is in jeapordy - we won tickets to take the boys to Gold Reef City for some launch of Ben 10 Alien Force and have also been invited to tea at April's place (Personal Trainer), so we'll see how it goes.
My book arrived 'The New Rules of lifting for Women' - I'm excited but need to find out what is the best for me to focus on right now. Training for the 94.7km Cycle Challenge means I cannot forgo on endurance training - it is priority!!
On a side note I just want to thank all my new followers as well as old for popping by. Your input and visits mean alot to me.


Robin said...

Wow, you are working hard. My goal right now is to go a certain distance without stopping on my bike. SAdly I can't seem to keep up the weekly pace of getting on the bike.

Hanlie said...

Good job! I know what you mean about fitting everything in... I was supposed to start NROLFW today, but there is something else I have to do first, so it's been postponed a bit...

Good luck with the race next Sunday!

Tiffany said...

You are doing so great..thanks for converting your km's to miles for those of us across the pond :o) I am so happy you have fallen in love with your bike.