Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just a thought, would wearing something *pretty* make a difference

Would it make a difference if you could go to gym wearing something nice/pretty/gorgeous/fabulous?
I ask this question because in this journey of mine the biggest obstacle has been trying to find appropriate wear for the various activities I try or wanna try.
Take cycling for example and especially in South Africa, finding the right attire is enough to bring you to tears. Are only skinny people allowed to feel comfortable on their bikes? On our journey to health and fitness don't we also deserve the same luxury? The only way I will get a cycling shirt/jersey to fit is to shop in the men's section. Fun - I think not!! We won't even talking about cycling shorts - luckily I had lost some weight that the largest possible size I could find fitted even if just.
Why do only skinny girls get to look fab while working out at the gym?? Once again I think this is very localised. I can google and find plus sizes in the USA but here back at home - nothing.
Clearly fat girls don't gym. Maybe fat girls don't gym because no one can offer us half decent looking clothing to gym in. I gym - I bit the bullet. I wore the mens size t-shirts and thankfully managed to find half decent shorts/leggings. But I never felt *great* or *comfortable* or *pretty*. As the weight is falling off, I am finding ladies wear that fits but I often find myself at one of our (more affordable ) sport retail chains staring at the cute tops etc longing for the day they will fit so that I can look *great* too. The other day we were in this affordable sport retail shop and I spotted the most gorgeous pants - I took one look and even after finding the largest possible size said to hubby 'I seriousley doubt it but *maybe* one day'. He gently shoved me towards the change rooms and said 'you'll never know unless you try'. They fitted :-) Tops are still a HUGE issue. My breasts get in the way. LOL
Now that is another big issue - finding a decent sports bra in this country that will fit. Forget it girl. It's not going to happen!!
I have to wonder if companies and various retail outfits offered plus sizes when it came to gym wear would more larger girls tackle the gym which is already an intimidating place just on it's own.


Brandi said...

You know I get what you're saying. No matter what size I am, I always feel 'uncomfortable' at the gym. Especially if I get brave and wear one of those 'tank' sport bras by themselves.

I am 5'-1", 130 pounds, and I rarely if ever wear anything other than baggy shorts and a cut off t-shirt. And that works for me.

If you can find something you feel great in! Stick to it!!

Hanlie said...

Girl, you don't want to know what I look like when I go to gym!

I have two pairs of track suit pants that I bought in America 6 years ago - they were good quality, but they're really starting to show the wear now. Then I have two pairs of 3/4 pants my mom made for me. These are all worn with baggy t-shirts.

Sportswear in this country is horrendously expensive. And you're right, there is nothing for larger women. A sport bra that will contain my bosom has yet to be invented.

Can't wait to fit into something decent!