Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's Attitude of Gratitude

* Those boys of mine :)
* April, my Personal Trainer
* Spinning
* Gym
* Shenaye the Gen. Manager of my gym - a beautiful woman
* Lynne, my Spinning Instructor this morning - Love ya
Exercise Journal
* Spinning - Endurance (45 minutes)
* Personal Training (1 hour)


Hanlie said...

Wow! You're rocking this exercise! Good for you!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

OMG!!! michelle, i had forgotten to update my blog roll until yesterday so I've missed out on so much here! i am so in awe of you and the progress you have made! Your determination is solid and your kicking butt!!!!! You look soo freaking wonderful!!!!

Chris H said...

OK...if I am going to 'follow' you, which blog should I follow? Cos you have two... and I follow sooooooo many now I only want to do one! lol
Let me know via an email or comment mate, cos I'm bound to forget to come and check here!