Thursday, May 7, 2009

When you think you can't anymore....remember YOU CAN!!!

Weight Watchers - Week 15 :  Down .6kg's **sigh**
I need to figure out how to embrace the scale as my friend or never stand on one again.  Easier said than done.  At gym we have 2 scales, one linked to the Life Care machine and the one in the change room, there is my bathroom scale and the Weight Watchers scale.   Do any of them agree - NO!!  Can it mess with your brain??  Hell, right it can.
I should have been one of those woman jumping for joy.  I dropped .6kg's and got the gold star but what did I do, I fell apart and by the time I got to the car I was in tears.  
There I am going I can't anymore but thankfully a stronger voice was going YOU CAN!!  My sister the hero has been a pillar of strength through this.  My personal trainer is a huge pillar of support too - and on Friday (I've sneaked in an extra session), we'll take advantage of the extra time and get those measurements done!!  
Now to figure out tonights picnic!!  We're off to watch an IPL cricket game (Indian Premier League).  

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Jade said...

YOU CAN DO IT! Don't give up - it's crazy that all scales are different like that. When I use different scales, I always test them first with a 5 lb dumbbell. 0.6 lbs is GREAT!