Saturday, April 25, 2009

Healthy self-esteem...

"Healthy self-esteem means having a constructive, positive and affirmative view of yourself. You believe in your capabilities, accept your limitations and you can set and work towards realistic goals and develop satisfying relationships that aren't hampered in any way by your body. Unhealthy self-esteem, on the other hand, is negative, pessimitic, disapproving view of yourself and the inability to see beyond your limitation and problems. Does that sound familiar? When we have a healthy self-esteem, we feel fully engaged with life and when we feel its lack, we struggle to cope and the world threatens to crash down around us." Weigh-Less March/April 2009 Vol 85 Looking back on this past week, I came to the realision that I was doing everything wrong. I've been calling myself FAT, ugly and telling myself that I just cannot do it. Not good at all. With some reflection and hopefully with this blog just focusing on me, my hope is to change some thought patterns here. NO NEGATIVE ALLOWED!!! Join in my journey to find my skinny me....she's trying to break free ((smile))

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