Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get over your body... and get on with your life

"Getting over your body isn't about giving up or throwing in the towel. It's about accepting your body, warts and all, making a success out of living a free, fulfilling and unrestricted life. It's about not letting the guilt of not being 'perfect' control you! There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but often looking your 'best' takes on a new meaning, and becomes more about looking perfect .... 'perfect' being defined by fashion magazines, Hollywood starlets and designers that have no real importance in our lives whatsoever. And although losing weight and looking good will to a certain degree remove one perceived problem in your life and make you slightly happier, it is not the miracle cure we think it is." Weigh-Less magazine, March/Arpril 2009 Vol 85 I cannot help but wonder if I say some stupid things. The other day I told hubby that I would be more succesful with my glass i.e. selling it, if I was thinner and more beautiful. Am I setting myself up for failure, if, when I achieve my goal and my glass does not sell for whatever reason? Will I have planted the seed in my head to ultimate destruction of everything I have worked so hard to achieve? I know that I am doing this for me, for how I feel. I want to feel energetic, to go on hikes without some serious 'huffing and puffing', to be able to play with my kidlets without feeling tired most of the time. A small part would be my belief that if I was skinnier that maybe my glass would sell better. It is an unknown!! I can honestly say that I have not had the energy or the time to melt glass but hopefully I'll brave it and give it a try today. Chat soon...........

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